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site update for december: added the latest news about releases, events, lyrics and introducing the "audio" tab with interviews. At the bottom the "archive" section is updated with reviews/interviews from 1991-2011.



check the video for the song "About Things Left Behind". Music taken from the album "Are You Worthy?", released on Tonefloat Records.

Images shot on location at Beelitz-Heilstätten, Germany, during august 2012.



sunday november 11 - November Music - Den Bosch - The Netherlands.

Three compositions of Maarten where played at Cineac Sonore, Verkadefabriek, Den Bosch.

At 16:00 hrs Maarten was a guest at the Cultural Salon, interviewed by Geurt Grosfeld. (location; City Library)


New album on Tonefloat; Are You Worthy?

[from the Tonefloat site]: For two decades, original dutch house pioneer and sonic enfant terrible Maarten van der Vleuten released under a variety of aliases. 2008’s High Intolerance Towards Low Energies saw van der Vleuten leave his safety zone and open up for the first time – not only by releasing the album under his given name, but also by taking a more personal approach than ever before. The journey would be continued on 2010’s The Scars Remain and has now been taken to an intriguing acme with his latest full length Are You Worthy?, an eclectic blend of personal genres.

Providing a sometimes fearful insight into his current state of mind, van der Vleuten has conceptualised Are You Worthy? as an at times alienating soundtrack for both his own life and that of the listener. Although his entirely idiosyncratic ambient visions are again at the heart of the music, van der Vleuten never abandons his house roots either, intertwining these two sides of his musical personality into, dare we say it, his best album to date, and available on cd only.


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Part 2 of "Systematically Declassified" is now available on Juno Download, iTunes, eMusic, Amazon and Spotify.

A collection of Techno/Detroit-Techno/House/Acid/IDM tracks from Maarten van der Vleuten's personal archive, recorded inbetween 1991 and 1998 in the Flux Studio. Expect original authentic recordings, which are slightly polished and remastered with utmost care, trying not to harm the original "vibe".

Image links to Juno Download.



at the moment only available in digital format; straight from the vaults of the Signum studio, the extremely lengthy album Systematically Declassified.

The album contains 15 ambient-techno tracks, meaning 2,5 hours of music in total, some dating back to the early 90's. These recently unearthed gems, collected from the vast Signum archive, have been carefully dusted off and remastered to meet current listening standards.

Expect typical "early" van der Vleuten compositions, meaning an eclectic mix of ambient and detroit-techno. (think of In-Existence). Not only eclectic in sound but also in composition where genres or styles are overruled by melody, harmonics and atmosphere.

Released on Juno Download, iTunes, eMusic, Amazon and Spotify.





all recordings are finished for the full length album Are You Worthy ? scheduled for release on Tonefloat Records in october.

The album features a track with guest vocals by Bob Rusche, producer/host of the radio-show X-Rated/Xray broadcasted at the Concertzender.


March 5

New release on 12inch - Maarten van der Vleuten - Summer Of 909 / Magick.

Features two house cuts on the new UK based label In Plain Sight.

available on 12" and as download.

file under: deep house / house


January 10

Maarten contributed a track to the fundraiser "Compilation for a cat".

It was available for a limited amount of time on bandcamp.

[cover links to bandcamp]

file under: experimental/noise

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