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12" maxi-single on Optimo Trax featuring previously released material from 1992.



september 10

OUT NOW - MVDV Presents Noise Architect

7" lathe cut, limited to 25 copies in fold-out sleeve with handpainted label-artwork.

you can order your copy here


august 5

MVDV Presents Noise Architect

7" single with 2 industrial/noise/experimental recordings from 1987. Noise Architect is the alias Maarten van der Vleuten used during the late 80's while experimenting with analogue equipment. Contrary to what the name might suggest, its not harsh noise but odd stuff with analogue Korg synths (ms10/ms20/sq10) and vocals/delay. Recorded in one take on 4-track featuring a tapeloop by DMDN.

Comes in a fold-out sleeve with extensive liner notes and handpainted label artwork, combined release on the labels MAWA (03) and Signum Recordings (sign1305).

Ltd. edition, lathe cut, 7inch, cut by Peter King (NZ), expected 09/2013.


may 5

48V Spargel Brothers - Bitten

On april 20th (Record Store Day) London based label Don't Be Afraid released Volume 4 of Spargel Trax on 12". Maarten van der Vleuten and Dick van Huijstee contributed with the track "Bitten" for which they used the pseudonym "48V Spargel Brothers".

Limited edition, orange vinyl, numbered.


march 1

Kids In Belgium Remix

The single "Kids In Belgium" by French Theory has been released featuring new remixes by Maarten van der Vleuten and Jean Bruce/French Theory. It also includes the original remastered version by Maarten Blom.

digital release now worldwide available at;

Junodownload - iTunes - and more...


march 1

Internaut ep

digital release now worldwide available at;

Junodownload - iTunes - Dance-Tunes and more...

february 17

Featured as "Artist of the Month" in issue 03 of german magazine BEAT.

[click image to enlarge]

february 15

out now: Internaut ep on Shipwrec (Ship019)

listen to previews here http://soundcloud.com/shipwrec/maarten-van-der-vleuten

available on 12" coloured marbled vinyl and black vinyl.

digital release march1.

february 1 - new release

Maarten van der Vleuten - Auseinander (Signum Recordings, SIGN1301)

Auseinander was composed as an exercise in counterpoint. Instrumentation; oboe, piano, cello, violin, viola, french horn, bass clarinet and clarinet. On this single you will find the original recording that was used as source material for the commissioned track "Posthuman Adaption Of Auseinander" recently released on the album "Mind The Gap #100" (CD2), by music magazine Gonzo (circus). See also the post below of january 14.

In 2010 it was submitted to the composition contest "Henriëtte Bosmans Prize", awarded by the Society of Dutch Composers, GeNeCo.

Auseinander is pressed on 7inch single (lathe cut, one-sided), packaged in handmade sleeves with stamped credits. The first 22 copies are handnumbered and include a 50 page mini-booklet (14x16cm) containing the complete musical score printed on off-white recycled paper.

listen to a short preview HERE

order your copy here


foldout sleeve musical score


february 1

now digitally available Summer of 909 / Magick

two deep house tracks previously released on In Plain Sight (IPS002, UK) 12"vinyl.

[image links to iTunes]


january 14

contributed an exclusive recording to the album Mind The Gap #100 (cd 2): ‘We Demand A New Future For Music’, Gonzo (circus) #113.

Maarten van der Vleuten - Posthuman Adaption Of Auseinander

image links to Gonzo (circus)


january 5

white lables arrived of the Internaut ep on Shipwrec (Ship019)

preview available here http://soundcloud.com/shipwrec/maarten-van-der-vleuten

soon available on 12" coloured marbled vinyl and download.

January 1

check the video for the song "About Things Left Behind".

Music taken from the album "Are You Worthy?", released on Tonefloat Records.

Images shot on location at Beelitz-Heilstätten, Germany, during august 2012.

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