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on the 1st of september the TASCAMANIA project will be released.

This mega-project consist of 10 CD's with unreleased recordings from 1986-1990.

All material was recorded on the Tascam Porta One 4-track cassette-deck, hence the name Tascamania.

So...why would someone bother to work his way through an archive of more than 300 hours of music, sort out the most interesting stuff (much credit should be given to Bob Rusche for lending his ear during the initial selection, thanks!), then sort it, catagorize it, sort it again, mix it, tag it, digging up authentic artwork for the covers and then finally release it, a process that took about 4 years to complete. I couldn't agree more if people call it unneccesary and redundant, but now there's no way back. It's here, so deal with it !

For me personally, the process of going through all the material made me realize why i started to make music in the first place; i enjoyed experimenting with synthesizers and creating sounds, writing lyrics, singing (sort of), the challenge of recording real instruments with mics, and later on programming drummachines and discovering the possibilities of a sampler and all of that without the pressure (or burden) of having to live up to the expectations of an audience. Creation in it's purest form, or just plain fun? To be honest, i don't think it's important to get all philosophical about it, i just hope people enjoy the music.

I decided to released the albums using the aliases i used back in the 80's; Noise Architect and M.A.W.A. (Inc.). The first one representing the more experimental, harsh, unpolished and improvised noisy stuff and the second for all the others.

Tascamania 1 to 10 will become available as download on all major digital stores worldwide as well as on streaming services, one volume each month, the last one (#10) to be released in december 2014.

The complete Tascamania series, volumes 1 - 10, are also available on professionally manufactured CDr's with high quality digitally printed artwork + inserts, in coloured DVD boxes. Volumes 1,2,7 and 8 are separate cd's and volumes 3+4, 5+6 and 9+10 are double-albums.

At the moment only complete sets will be sold and pre-orders are taken. Prices and ordering info can be found below. The release will be shipped as a parcel and the stated prices include standard priority without tracking. If you wish to add additional postal services like registered/signed/tracking, then please contact me before ordering.

In the near future it will also be possible to purchase separate volumes of the release. As soon as they become available it will be announced here.

Please select your region - price includes 10xCD + shipping

M.A.W.A. Inc.

Tascamania Vol. 1 - For You

Collection of experimental and ambient recordings from 1986-1987.

Sound sources: Korg Ms10, Korg Ms20, radio, percussion, banjo, fretless bass, piano, drums, looped delay, voice.

M.A.W.A. Inc.

Tascamania Vol. 2 - Odd Sounds From The Attic

Collection of experimental / ambient and odd songs recorded in 1986-1987.

Sound sources: Korg Ms10, Korg Ms20, Korg Sq10, voice, tapeloop, banjo, fretless bass, looped delay, percussion.

M.A.W.A. Inc.

Tascamania Vol. 3 - Assorted Recordings 1986-1987

Selection of rock/pop/experimental recordings with instruments like drums, piano, guitar, fretless bass, synthesizer as well as some vocal parts. No MIDI.

M.A.W.A. Inc.

Tascamania Vol. 4 - Assorted Recordings 1987-1988

Selection of rock/synth-pop recordings with the use of drumcomputers (HR16, TR808) and layers of handplayed analogue synths, but without MIDI.

M.A.W.A. Inc.

Tascamania Vol. 5 - Assorted Recordings 1988-1989

Selection of synth-pop/pop/rock recordings this time with MIDI, and the use of the HR16 drumcomputer and the Ensoniq EPS sampler and occasional vocals.

M.A.W.A. Inc.

Tascamania Vol. 6- Assorted Recordings 1989-1990

Selection of synth-pop/pop/rock recordings with MIDI and the HR16 drumcomputer and the Ensoniq EPS sampler, including occasional vocals and sampled vocals.

Noise Architect

Tascamania Vol. 7- Casualties Of Fierljeppen

On this one a collection of experimental/noise and drone-like recordings. The 36 minute title-track Casualties Of Fierljeppen being an adventerous soundscape with snippets of fieldrecordings and radio-transmissions. All analogue handplayed synth stuff here.

Noise Architect

Tascamania Vol. 8 - Nine Teen Ate The Seven

Here a selection of recordings based around the Korg SQ10 sequencer. Basically the SQ10 was connected to three synths, one MS10 and two MS20's. One or two synths played the rhythmic parts (bassdrum and/or additional percussion sounds, depending on the track) and the remaining synth(s) was/were used for the melodic sequenced parts. Contrary to how it might sound, there were no drumcomputers involved. The basic parts were recorded in one take and additional instruments and vocals recorded on separate tracks.

Noise Architect

Tascamania Vol. 9 - For Your Musical Irritation

Well, the title pretty much sums it up. Lots of experimenting going on here. All tracks (except Sue Side) were recorded in one take, without overdubs (including the vocals), using a set-up of several analogue Korg synths all connected to eachother.

Noise Architect

Tascamania Vol. 10 - Private Performances And Other One-Offs

Crazy synth programming and experimental stuff with (again) the multiple Korg synth set-up. Additionally some try-outs for live performances are included for which i "invented" the term Private Performance; a live performance without audience. The last track "Hate Me" being a studio rehearsal together with Eddie Persijn and Toine Schnieders.

Toine sadly passed away some years ago, and this is one of the few recordings that i have from him.



New album !

"Occult Machines And Obscure Theories" will be released on CDr, available here, but it will also be available on all major download stores worldwide (iTunes, 7digital, Hmv, eMusic and many more) as well as streaming on Spotify and Deezer and such.

Two tracks of the album can be heard on YouTube, see below.




Around summer 2014 the UK label Last Known Trajectory will release remixes of In Sync's track Storm. Maarten will feature on this 2x12" with his 11 minute interpretation.

Click on the image to go directly to Last Known Trajectory's Soundcloud page.




Short composition for the stopmotion video 's-Hertogenbosch, de stad als persoon, by Frencis Artz.

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